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About Judith Harper

My fascination with American history—especially the history of the northeastern United States and 13 American colonies—has fueled my passion for genealogy. Genealogy and history are so inextricably connected. Understanding historical events and eras is what makes our ancestors real to us. That’s why my genealogical practice is dedicated to not only finding the names, important dates, and residences of my clients’ ancestors, but also situating them in the broader American story—in their communities, their workplaces, their cultures and ethnicities, and their era’s triumphs and most foreboding challenges.

Making history come alive has been the focus of my entire career, as a former middle-school teacher and college instructor, as a writer of several works of history, as an editor, and as a professional genealogist.


B.A. History, Wellesley College

M.Ed. Boston University

Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University